The DWI Task Force would like to acknowledge Ms. Martin's class at the Learning Haven for learning about the risks of drugs and alcohol.  It is a very valuable lesson that should be taught to all children.  In addition, the Task Force specifically wants to thank two of her students, Julia and Kim, for providing a great link about alcohol withdrawal symptoms and treatment.  Julia and Kim, and all of Ms. Martin's students, please keep up the good work!  

DWIs threaten public safety


In 2013, there were 25,719 DWI Arrests made in the state of Minnesota.  Minnesota has the largest DWI recidivism rate in the nation at over 40%.  One in seven licensed drivers have an impaired driving offense on their record.

We seek to improve DWI laws


The DWI Task Force is committed to proposing legislation to clarify and improve Minnesota's DWI laws to ensure consistent and fair enforcement, as well as increase public safety.          

​Since 1982, Minnesota's DWI Task Force has consisted of various professionals across the state of Minnesota interested in DWI legislation, funding, enforcement, and treatment.  The DWI Task Force seeks to increase public knowledge and awareness and improve public safety.  

​​We care about public safety


Members of the DWI Task Force tirelessly work to improve public safety on Minnesota's roads.  See who these professionals are and how they contribute to this goal.