Minnesota's DWI Task Force was founded in 1982 by University of Minnesota Professor Steve Simon.  For nearly 35 years, Professor Simon served as Chair of the Task Force, increasing awareness to DWIs and successfully lobbying for legislative changes intended to improve prevention and enforcement of DWIs as well as treatment opportunities for individuals.  The current chair of Minnesota's DWI Task Force is David Bernstein, who works as a prosecutor with the Minneapolis City Attorney's Office.  David seeks to carry on Professor Simon's objectives of increasing public knowledge and awareness regarding DWIs by sharing information and ideas as well as lobbying for universally supported legislation seeking to improve public safety on Minnesota's roads. 

The Task Force consists of numerous professionals from across the state of Minnesota, including:

  • AAA
  • Defense Attorneys
  • Department of Health
  • Department of Natural Resources
  • ​Judges
  • Law Enforcement (local officers and State Patrol)
  • MADD
  • Minnesotans for Safe Driving
  • Office of Traffic Safety (a division of the Department of Public Safety)
  • ​Private businesses
  • Probation Officers
  • Prosecutors (county and city attorneys)
  • ...and more!

Members of Minnesota's DWI Task Force attend meetings in their individual capacities only, and not as representatives of the organizations by which they are employed.  Members are asked to join the Task Force because of their individual expertise in an area of DWI law, enforcement, or treatment.  A member's ideas, comments, and observations reflect that individuals opinions and not those of their employer.  Recommendations of the Task Force are adopted by a majority of the members present and represent the position of the Minnesota DWI Task Force.  These representations may not represent the position of individual members, and may not represent the position of any other organization or agency.

​The Task Force always welcomes new visitors or members, and anyone interested may contact David Bernstein at david.bernstein@dwitaskforce.com.